A registered lease of land must be accompanied by a plan or diagram showing the extent of the land to be leased. The requirements of the Lease Survey are determined by the length of the lease. Generally a lease with a total term of less than 5 years can be prepared with a diagram which forms part of the lease documentation, and a lease of 5 years or more is treated by Council as a subdivision and requires a Plan of Survey to be registered at the NSW Land Registry Services (LRS).

For lease of all or part of a building, regardless if it’s a Retail Lettable Area Survey (GLAR), a Commercial Lettable Area Survey (NLA) or Industrial Lettable Area Survey (GLA), the Lease Plan will need to be prepared using the Property Council of Australia (PCA) guidelines and Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) guidelines.

Having a Lease Plan prepared by a professional third party avoids future disputes or conflicts relating to the exact lease area and extents. We’re experts at preparing Lease Plans and show clear and accurate areas and structures that can be used for calculating rental rates.

The process

  • Site visit to measure the required lease area and extents
  • Preparation of Lease Plan clearly showing structures and area dimensions to accompany lease documentation
  • Preparation of Deposited Plan and lodgement with LRS (for leases greater than 5 years)


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