Richmond Surveying Services

From conception and design right through to construction, completion and compliance, SurveyPlus are the Surveyors the Richmond region and surrounds rely on. We have the experience, expertise and resources to make your project a reality.

Registered Survey | Registered Surveyor NSW

Subdividing Land

Subdividing land requires following a stringent process for approval and development. Subdivision involves dividing an existing parcel of land into…

Strata Plan NSW | Strata Subdivision

Strata Subdivision

Strata subdivision entails acquiring a Strata Plan, which allows for the subdivision of buildings and structures on a single allotment…

Contour Survey | Detail Survey NSW Sydney

Contour Survey (Detail/Topographic Survey)

A Contour Survey (also commonly referred to as a Detail Survey or Topographic Survey) shows the features and structures within…

Survey Set Out | Construction Set Out NSW

Construction Surveying (Set-Out)

A Construction Survey or Set-Out (also known as Construction Setting Out or Surveying Setting Out) physically marks the points needed…

Boundary Survey | Boundary Marking Sydney NSW

Boundary Survey (Boundary Marking)

Marking of a property boundary (also known as a Boundary Survey or Boundary Marking) involves first determining the location of…

As Built Survey | WAE Survey NSW Sydney

Work As Executed and As Built Surveys

Council usually requires a Work As Executed Survey (WAE) or As Built Survey to be undertaken and signed by a Registered…


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Richmond Surveyors you can count on

SurveyPlus provides a range of Surveying services to the Richmond region. We pride ourselves on supplying an innovative, progressive and professional service. Our team of expert Surveyors have experience with a number of industries including:

  • Land development
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Building
  • Environmental
  • Mining industries

Our team is committed to quality and take the guesswork out of construction and land development projects in Castle Hill making it easy for you to get the results you need.

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