Do you need to pinpoint the location of the boundaries of your block? Do you and your neighbour disagree about the location of your common boundary? Are you carrying out construction work near your boundaries?

Boundary Surveys & Boundary Marking

A Boundary Survey determines the location of the boundaries of a parcel of land.

The location of any easements, covenants, restrictions etc. can also be determined along with the extent of any encroachments. Marking of a property boundary involves determining and physically marking the boundaries of a lot.

In some cases determining the location of property boundaries can be a complex and time consuming task for a Surveyor. This can be due to a number of factors including incorrect or incomplete historical Deposited Plans, survey reference marks in the locality being destroyed or damaged and property boundary corners being inaccessible or difficult to access. Generally older areas where it may be several decades (sometimes even centuries) since the registration of a survey plan are more of a challenge than areas where there has been recent subdivision activity.

I am putting up a new boundary fence between my property and my neighbours property

Are you building a new fence along your boundary? Since you will be spending a considerable amount of money on the fence it makes sense to ensure it will be built in the correct spot!

It is a good idea to have your boundary marked prior to erecting a fence or carrying out any construction near a property boundary. A Boundary Survey determines the location of the boundaries of a parcel of land and physically marks the boundary with survey pegs or other suitable boundary marks. This ensures the contractor builds the fence or wall in the correct position and avoids potential disputes (and in extreme cases having to rebuild the fence or wall in the correct location).

Need to determine the boundaries of your land?
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