Warriewood Aged Care

Survey for a 5-star aged care facility (Stage 1) and associated infrastructure.

Our surveying services included:

  • Detail Survey for architectural and engineering design.
  • Preparation, lodgement and registration of Plan of Consolidation and associated documents at LRS.
  • Detail Survey for bulk excavation volume calculations.
  • Boundary marking.
  • Construction set-out for multi-level building.
  • Civil set-out for earthworks, roads, services, driveways and landscaping features.
  • Work As Executed Survey on stormwater.
  • Final Identification Survey and various compliance reports.
  • Red Line Survey for electricity authority.
  • Preparation of Dealing documents for easements, restrictions and positive covenants.
23-27 Warriewood Road, Warriewood
Knowles Group & DSA Contracting
Project Completion
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