Surveying or land surveying measures and maps our surrounds using mathematics and engineering, with specialised technology and equipment to determine the 3-dimensional position of features on the earth’s surface.

Cadastral surveying: which determines and defines land boundaries. Cadastral Surveyors undertake subdivision work, mark boundaries, prepare Identification Survey Reports, prepare Strata Plans, and create easements and rights in land.

Engineering surveying looks at the location, design and construction of engineering works. Engineering Surveyors are engaged in the building industry and generally set out buildings, bridges, airports, tunnels and other forms of major and minor infrastructure.

Geodetic surveying is the precision measurement of the earth’s surface for the determination of nationwide coordinate systems or geographic meridians of latitude and longitude.

Topographic surveying maps the features on the earth’s surface

Hydrographic surveying maps the marine environment and seabed

Mining surveying deals with the positioning and layout of above-ground open cut mines and below-ground mines and tunnels.

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