A land surveyor will need to prepare a Detail Survey (also known as a Contour Survey or Topographic Survey) of your property showing the features and structures (buildings, driveways, walls, trees, creeks etc.) on the land (and possibly the neighbouring land as well). A Detail Survey shows the existing features and structures within and adjacent to a parcel of land and allows your home builder or Architect to assess the site and design your home. Council require a Detail Survey Plan as part of a DA or CDC.

Following Council approval a Surveyor will need to set out the proposed building. Survey set-out of proposed buildings ensures the building is correctly positioned on the site and conforms to the approved design plans. At the completion of construction a Final Identification Survey Report is often a requirement of the Council prior to issue of the Occupation Certificate. This type of survey shows the location and levels of structures and improvements in relation to the boundaries of the land.

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